Our Vision

A message from BMTR Ventures Ltd President


With more than 30 years in the heavy construction industry, we at BMTR Ventures believe in providing high quality service in the areas of civil works, infrastructure & road building, earthworks, bridges, farming, and oil & gas.


The safety of our employees, customers, equipment, and sites are the number one priority of our company.


We are a leading Canadian company building top quality constructions for HUMANITY.


Harvey Harriott

Our Achievements
  • ZERO LTI (Lost Time Incident) since inception

  • COR Safety Recognition

  • ISNetworld Certified Contractor

  • Safety Council Member 

  • WCB - Safe Employer 2011

  • Safety Merit: 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013

  • Saskatoon Construction Association

  • Saskatchewan Heavy Construction Association

  • Alberta Road Builders and Heavy Construction Association






Our Services
  • Road Construction & Maintenance

  • Landfills, Water, & Sewage Lagoons

  • Fresh Water Storage Ponds

  • Industrial Waste Containment and Covering

  • Site Development

  • Land Development & Leveling

  • Large Diameter Culvert Installations

  • Agriculture - Clear / Burn / Break / Landscape

  • Water Management Solutions

  • Low Bedding

  • Project Management

  • Pre-Construction Consulting

  • GPS Surveying & Mapping

  • Environmental Solution


BMTR Ventures Ltd, offers frozen topsoil mulching and
soil separation solutions in and around western Canada.
Our services provide a NO RIPPING, LUMP FREE alternative for R.O.W stripping. Our equipment also provides a uniform stripping depth with NO add-mixing. With our perfected system and design, it gives the customer a finished product of large granular sized soil to prevent wind erosion.

TransCanada Pipeline - Manitoba, CA

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